Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe

Arrow of God (The African Trilogy, #3)Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe

The Arrow of God is a significant novel in Igbo history, exploring the struggle between traditional Igbo religious beliefs and the influence of colonial powers and Christian missionaries. The story focuses on Ezeulu, the chief priest of Ulu, who refuses to call a special feast in honor of Ulu, leading to a famine and the villagers’ conversion to Christianity.

The novel introduces the New Yam Festival, or Iri Ji, an annual cultural festival celebrating the yam harvest, promoting cultural preservation, and expressing gratitude. The festival is deeply rooted in Igbo traditions, customs, and beliefs.

Set in 1920s Nigeria, the novel portrays the gradual downfall of Ezeulu and the Igbo community as their beliefs and institutions crumble under the pressure of colonial machination. Ezeulu’s tragedy unfolds in stages, influenced by personal, communal, and religious conflicts, as well as his misinterpretation of himself, his people, his deity, and the circumstances surrounding them.

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